We help you delight a loved one with a beautifully wrapped gift while not only reducing but also reusing waste and conserving trees. Our eco‑friendly gift wrappings are ethically produced using recycled cotton, can be reused indefinitely, and are incredibly easy to use.

Each wrapping is equipped with an NFC tag, allowing you to follow its journey and discover how much waste and CO2 it has prevented, how many trees it has saved, and how many people it has made happy. You can also use the NFC tag to send your loved ones personalized greeting cards and save even more paper.

For every item traveling, we plant a tree to recover cleared forests and combat climate change. This means a cleaner planet for all of us – especially future generations.

Let's enjoy giving even more!


Our gorgeous, reusable fabric gift wraps convey the love with which you have chosen the gift and add a beautifully handcrafted feel to it. They serve as an eco‑friendly alternative to wrapping paper and don't require any sticky tape or ribbons to hold them together or make them look attractive.

The integrated greeting card can be easily personalized using our app, making the unwrapping experience even more enjoyable. In addition, you emphasize your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to reducing waste and deforestation, conserving water, and minimizing CO2 emissions right from the first use. Since the COVER can be used repeatedly, its value accumulates over its lifespan.

Pass it along and send it on a journey — perhaps one day it will return to you, or even your grandchild will make someone happy with the exact same item in a much cleaner environment.

How can you be sure?

You can follow the COVER on its journey around the world through our app. You'll know every little detail about its adventures and can even see the impact your usage has had on our planet. The app will show you how much waste has been avoided, how many trees you've helped save, where we've planted new trees, how much CO2 has been reduced, and how many people it has made happy.

Download on the Apple App Store Get it on Google Play

Download on the Apple App StoreGet it on Google Play




Get a COVER and help us reduce waste. You can obtain them either in our online store or through a gift you have been given.



Tap the tag on the COVER with your mobile phone and follow the nstruct­ions to check in. If you have not yet downloaded the app or are not logged in, you will be redirected automatically.

If you can't use NFC technology, you won't be left out. Just download our app and sign up. Click on the NFC icon ( NFC icon with outline black ) at the bottom and then type in the product ID and your 4‑digit check‑in code.



Wrap your gift with the COVER, create a greeting card, transfer the COVER digitally, and present your gift to that special someone.

To do so, simply tap the NFC tag on the COVER again (or visit the app directly and click the NFC icon ( NFC icon with outline black ) at the bottom of the screen). Then, follow the instructions for check-out.

Your loved one will check in with the check‑in code they will be receiving.



In your profile, you can see how many COVERs you have initiated or forwarded, how much waste and CO2 they have reduced, how many trees they have saved, and where we have planted a tree for the traveling COVERs (FOREST COVER).

You can also follow them on their journey around the world and see how many people they have made happy (COVERAGE).



And change the world in a very convenient and heartwarming way, one gift at a time!

Video Guidelines

We have compiled a series of videos that will guide you through the process step by step. Please take a moment to watch them for detailed information on how to use the COVER.

Please note

There are two types of COVERs available – rental and purchased COVERs.

Rental COVERs

Rental COVERs travel the world for a small fee per move within our subscription model and can be unlocked in the app using tokens or promo codes during checkout.

Rental items can stay with you for 8 weeks before you'll need to pay to keep them longer. But don't worry! We will remind you in time, and if you can't make use of the COVER, there are several options available for returning (or exchanging) them for free. In such cases, you will receive a token that you can use to either get a rental COVER that suits your needs in our online store or save them for later.

The number of accumulated tokens can be viewed in your profile within our app. If you are saving tokens for later use, you will have the option to spend them in our online store, use them on a movement, sponsor friends or family members, or donate them to tree planting.

Purchased COVERs

Purchased items are your property. They can either stay with you forever, travel for free within a small circle, or even around the world, in case you set them free and send them on a journey. If you let them go, they will travel (the globe) for free.

That's a wrap!