We create beautiful, eco‑friendly gift wrappings meant to last a lifetime. In order for them to do so, it is important to be mindful of how to take care of them. This will vary from piece to piece (dependent on the fabrics that have been used), which is why it is essential to always read the care label carefully before washing. That being said, we have collected some general guidelines for you to adhere to, to extend the life cycle of your COVER.

Wash less

Wash right

And Air dry


Wash your COVER only if necessary on low temperatures (lukewarm or cold water) in a gentle cycle, low spin washing programme.

If you want to take extra good care of your COVER, protect it in a laundry bag when washing in the machine.

Always wash your COVER with like colors to avoid the bleeding of other fabrics and to keep the COVER looking good for a long time.


Air dry your COVER instead of putting it in the dryer – not only is this less rough on the fabric, it also uses less energy.

To avoid leaving marks on the clothes horse, it is best to lay your COVER flat to dry. This way, there are no unsightly kinks, and the COVER won't loose its shape.


Choose a mild, environmentally friendly detergent to protect the integrity of the fibers and our planet.


Try not to overcrowd the washing machine with too many items at once, as this can cause the fabric to lose its shape. In addition, the garments may not get properly clean if the washing machine is too full.

Please note

We have decided against a care label on the product itself since it would destroy the look of the gift in some cases or make it even harder to wrap. You can get the specific care instructions with one click though.

The care label for the specific item can be found by tapping the NFC tag on the COVER with your mobile phone or through visiting our app. If you're visiting our app, please click on the NFC icon (  NFC icon with outline black ). If you have just one COVER checked in, please click 'HOW TO TAKE CARE OF ME'. In case you have several COVERs checked in, select the one you're interested in washing and then click 'HOW TO TAKE CARE OF ME'.