Kousa Tsutsumi

The outcome of this folding style appears almost identical to the Futatsu Tsutsumi wrapping technique, but the methods used are quite different. We're eager to know which one you prefer.

Gift wrapped in reusable fabric gift wrap, using the Kousa Tsutsumi wrapping technique

How to fold the Kousa Tsutsumi

How to Fold the Kousa Tsutsumi - Step 1

Ensure that the item you wish to wrap is at least 1/3 of the diagonal length of the COVER you are using.

The height of the item also factors into this; for taller items, the cloth should be even larger to accommodate this wrapping technique.

How to Fold the Kousa Tsutsumi - Step 2

Spread the cloth in front of you, placing the side of the fabric to be displayed later facing downwards.

Position the item along the diagonal axis of the fabric, ensuring that it's evenly centered.

Now, take the top corners and tie them together.

How to Fold the Kousa Tsutsumi - Step 3

Next, take the bottom right corner and thread it through the two tied ends of the fabric.

How to Fold the Kousa Tsutsumi - Step 4

Lastly, tie the bottom right corner (which you have threaded through the tied ends of fabric) with the remaining bottom left corner.

Now, you've successfully completed the Kousa Tsutsumi wrapping technique!