The Lotus
(Rubber Band Technique)

The lotus look can also be achieved using a rubber band. You just have to get all 4 ends up and tie a rubber band or hair tie around the ends. Afterwards, just postion the ends in the lotus look you would like to achieve. Since you are basically just tying one 'knot' this technique is an even quicker way of wrapping a gift with a similar appearance.

Gift wrapped in a reusable fabric gift wrap, wrapped with the lotus rubber band technique

This wrapping technique is mainly used for square items but can also be used for items with a different shape.

How to bind the Lotus

How to bind the Lotus - Step 1

The diagonal length of the cloth should be approximately five times the length of the item to be wrapped.

This also depends a lot on the height of the item. To wrap a very high item, the cloth should be even larger to be able to use this wrapping technique.

How to bind the Lotus - Step 2

Spread the cloth in front of you and place the side of the fabric that should be shown later downward.

Then make sure that the item is placed exacltly in the center of the cloth.

How to bind the Lotus - Step 3

Bring all corners together and the rubber band or hair tie around them.

How to bind the Lotus - Step 4

Arange the corners in a way for them to look like a lotus and enjoy the shortcut to this beautiful look!