The Lotus

The Lotus (knot) resembles the Japanese wrapping style, Yotsu Musubi. It's an incredibly quick wrapping technique, utilizing only two half knots or two square/granny knots, and it's completed in mere seconds.

Gift wrapped in reusable fabric gift wrap, using the Lotus wrapping technique

This wrapping technique is mainly used for square items, but can be used for items of any shape.

How to Fold the Lotus

How to Fold the Lotus - Step 1

The diagonal length of the cloth should be approximately five times the length of the item to be wrapped.

However, the height of the item also significantly influences this. For taller items, the cloth should be even larger to utilize this wrapping technique effectively.

How to Fold the Lotus - Step 2

Lay out the cloth in front of you, placing the side you want to be visible later face down.

Then, ensure the item is positioned precisely in the center of the cloth.

How to Fold the Lotus - Step 3

Bring together two opposing corners and tie them into a half knot.

For rectangular objects, you'll need to bring up the two opposing corners of the cloth on each side of the item's longest side first, and knot them together.

If the item being wrapped is square, it doesn't matter which two opposing corners are tied together first, as all sides are of the same length.

How to Fold the Lotus - Step 4

Repeat the process with the remaining two corners, but this time form a granny knot or even a square knot (two half knots on top of each other). This ensures that the knot stays secure and the fabric doesn't unravel unexpectedly.

How to Fold the Lotus - Step  5

Enjoy gifting your beautifully wrapped creation!