Tesage Bukuro

The Tesage Bukuro wrapping technique is versatile, being suitable for wrapping gifts or carrying items. To utilize this method, you must bind the material into a bag, turning it into a convenient vessel for items such as groceries.

Gift wrapped in reusable fabric gift wrap, using the Tesage Bukuro wrapping technique

How to fold the Tesage Bukuro

How to Fold the Tesage Bukuro - Step 1

Ensure that the item you wish to wrap is at least 1/5 of the length of the cover you are using.

The size of the cover also depends significantly on the height of the item. To wrap a particularly tall item, the cloth should be even larger to accommodate this wrapping technique.

How to Fold the Tesage Bukuro - Step 2

To form a carrying bag, spread the cloth in front of you and position the side of the fabric that should be displayed outward facing downward.

Arrange the item in the center of the fabric, then tie the top left corner and the bottom left corner together, forming a square knot.

How to Fold the Tesage Bukuro - Step 3

Repeat the same knotting process with the top right and bottom right corners of the cloth.

How to Fold the Tesage Bukuro - Step 4

Finally, lift both knots and carry the items in your newly created bag.