The Yemulbo wrapping technique draws parallels to the Japanese tradition of folding Kinpū Fukusa (Furoshiki-type Fukusa) and the Turkish tradition of folding a Zarf Bohça. The main distinction is the addition of straps or ribbons to the Yemulbo. Once the cloth is folded, these ribbons are looped around the bundle and secured with a bow, preventing the package from unintentionally unraveling.

Gift wrapped in reusable fabric gift wrap, using the Yemulbo wrapping technique

How to Fold the Yemulbo

How to Fold the Yemulbo - Step 1

Lay the cloth in front of you with the side you want to display facing downwards.

Ensure that the item you intend to wrap fits between the diagonal line and the corners of the cloth.

How to Fold the Yemulbo - Step 2

Place the item on the fabric's diagonal axis, just below the midline.

How to Fold the Yemulbo - Step 3

Next, fold the upper corner of the cloth over the item.

If the fabric corner overlaps the item, tuck it behind the present to prevent it from slipping.

How to Fold the Yemulbo - Step 4

Proceed to fold the lower corner of the fabric over the gift.

How to Fold the Yemulbo - Step 5

Turn the gift over.

How to Fold the Yemulbo - Step 6

Cover the gift with the remaining portion of the fabric to create an envelope look. As you do this, bring the shorter ribbon down and leave the longer ribbon at the top.

How to Fold the Yemulbo - Step 7

To finalize the appearance, wrap the longer ribbon around the gift and tie a bow using both ends, adjusted to your preference.