Julia Mackamul
Düsseldorfer Str. 6-8
68219 Mannheim

Role  CEO & Founder

Phone   +49 151 720 11 400
E-mail   julia.mackamul@cover.earth


Hi, I'm Julia.

My journey to founding COVER was fueled by an increasing dissatisfaction with the way we carelessly squander our invaluable resources on single-use items, all in the name of convenience. Witnessing this unnecessary waste stirred a sense of urgency within me, igniting a desire for change.

However, I recognized that any solution had to respect the ingrained habits of people, and their desire for an effortless lifestyle. Stripping away these comforts would be a non-starter. So, the challenge was to create a seamless transition – an all-encompassing solution that would allow consumers to maintain their comfort and convenience, but in a sustainable way.

Why? Because it's unfair to place the burden of sustainable choices solely on consumers when their options are littered with harmful, polluting products. The real change needs to come from companies, who must make a conscious effort to develop superior products that are also eco-friendly.

At COVER, we're just beginning our journey. We're embarking on a mission to redefine convenience, to make it synonymous with sustainability. We aim to bridge the gap between the lifestyle people are accustomed to, and the one our planet desperately needs.

Our mission is a call to arms, a challenge to the status quo, and most importantly, a promise of a better future for our planet. And so, we set sail, charting a new course towards a sustainable lifestyle that doesn't compromise on convenience.