We deliver sustainability as a service (SaaS), making environmental protection both enjoyable and accessible to everyone, everywhere. Instead of buying a product, you pay per move to delight your loved ones throughout the year, at any time you choose.

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How to Unlock the Joy of Sharing with Our Unique Rental Service

Gift & Gain

Newcomers: If you are new to our service, you'll enjoy a trial move absolutely free. It’s a perfect way to experience our offerings without any commitment.

Existing Subscribers: If you, as a subscribed member, rent a product for one move and gift a friend who isn't a subscriber yet, both of you win! You'll receive a complimentary move, and so will your friend. It's our way of saying thanks for spreading the love.

Pass It On

Subscribed Friends: When you pass on the COVER to a friend with an existing subscription, the process is smooth and straightforward – a token is simply deducted from your subscription.

Rewarding Referrals: If you or your friend passes the COVER to another new user, the cycle of rewards continues. The new user gets a trial move, and you and your friend earn a free move (token) for sharing love.

Collect Points & Tokens

But the rewards don't stop here! You can also collect points and if you're lucky more tokens.

Points work similarly to the stamp cards you're familiar with from cafés. For each checked-in move, you earn one point. After accumulating 10 points, we'll plant a tree in your name. You'll receive a certificate for this tree, which will be stored in your profile.

Once the COVER has been passed through 100 hands, each person in the chain will receive a token redeemable for a free move.

It gets even better! If this exchange occurs within less than 6 months, the tokens for everyone in the chain will be doubled.

Ways to use your tokens

Kick off or maintain a sustainable global gift wrapping journey

You can redeem a token to initiate or further propel the journey of the sustainable gift wrap.

Sponsor a Move

You have the option to use your tokens to sponsor a move for someone else. This can be a friend, family member, or a person selected through our community gifting program, extending the joy and sustainability of gift giving.

Donate for Tree planting

In a commitment to environmental sustainability, you can choose to convert your tokens into tree planting and will receive a certificate for this tree, which will be stored in your profile.

Why Choose Us?

Endless Opportunities

As a subscriber, you’re not just renting – you’re part of a community that rewards sharing and caring. Every referral brings more rewards, keeping your subscription rich with possibilities.

Flexibility & Freedom

Our service is designed to adapt to your lifestyle. Gift, share, and enjoy our products, with benefits at every turn.

Experience & Explore

New to our world? Dip your toes in with a free trial move or our free subscription. Discover the joy and convenience of our service without any upfront commitment.

Join Our Community

Be Part of Something Bigger

As you share and engage with our service, you're not just enjoying quality products – you’re building connections and unlocking new experiences while also contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Simple, Seamless, Satisfying

Our intuitive app and online store make renting and sharing as easy as a few clicks. Dive into a hassle-free experience that rewards you at every step.

Sustainability as a Service (SaaS)

Subscription Model

Instead of purchasing a product, you only pay per move or a recurring fee (monthly or annually), to access products when you need them.


With your subscription you’ll get tokens that you can use whenever you’ll make a sustainable move.


As your needs change, you can easily scale your subscription up or down, adding or removing tokens as necessary.


Our SaaS application eliminates the upfront cost of purchase.

Collaboration and Integration

Our SaaS application supports collaboration among users and offers suporting each other.


We are working to ensure that sustainable living is not a privilege but accessible to all. Due to sponsorings (either from family, friends, corporations or ourselves) we’re making sure that our sustainable products are also accessible to financially disadvantaged users leaving no one behind.

If you find yourself facing financial challenges, we encourage you to apply for our complimentary services. Please do so here, where we offer support and assistance to those in need.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Please visit our sponsorships page for detailed information.

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