14. November 2022

Uncover the Truth: COVER's Blogs Dive Deep into Environmental Facts and Creative Gifting

Discover COVER's latest initiative: two enlightening blogs, 'UNCOVER' and 'DISCOVER', offering deep insights into environmental challenges and showcasing innovative, sustainable gifting ideas. Dive into a world of knowledge and creativity with COVER.


Berlin, 14.11.2022 – In a bid to educate and inspire, COVER has launched two distinct blogs: 'UNCOVER' and 'DISCOVER'. These platforms aim to shed light on pressing environmental issues and offer innovative gifting solutions that don't compromise the planet's well-being.

UNCOVER delves deep into the historical aspects of gifting and gift wrapping. Alongside its exploration of traditions and practices from the past, the publication dives deep into the environmental challenges our world faces, presenting readers with hard-hitting facts, expert insights, and actionable steps to make a difference. From the alarming rate of deforestation to the detrimental effects of single-use plastics, 'UNCOVER' doesn't shy away from the truth, aiming to empower its readers with knowledge and inspire them to adopt more sustainable practices in their gifting habits.

On the other hand, 'DISCOVER' is a treasure trove of creative gifting ideas, showcasing how COVER's sustainable gift wraps can be used in myriad ways. With easy-to-follow tutorials, stunning visuals, and a touch of creativity, 'DISCOVER' transforms the act of gifting into an art form.

We believe in the power of information and inspiration, said Julia Mackamul, CEO and Founder of COVER. "With 'UNCOVER' and 'DISCOVER', we aim to not only inform our audience about the environmental challenges we face but also inspire them to be part of the solution through sustainable gifting."

Both blogs are now live on COVER's official website, offering a blend of in-depth articles, engaging visuals, and interactive content. As the holiday season approaches, readers can turn to 'DISCOVER' for unique gifting ideas that stand out, while 'UNCOVER' provides the motivation to make eco-friendly choices.

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