At COVER, we're not just offering sustainable gift wraps; we're creating a movement for inclusive sustainability. By sponsoring users, you enable people from all walks of life to participate in this eco-friendly initiative. This isn't just about reducing waste and saving trees; it's about ensuring that everyone, regardless of financial background, can contribute to a more sustainable world.



4.50 Euro per month

48.00 Euro per year | 4.00 Euro per month

12 moves

Kickstart your journey as a sponsor with the EcoEnabler Plan. It’s a great way to dip your toes into environmental sponsorship with a manageable commitment.


25.00 Euro per month

270 Euro per year | 22.50 Euro per month

72 moves

Step up your impact with our GreenGuardian Plan. It's ideal for those who wish to be a significant force for positive environmental change.



Embrace the full potential of sponsorship with the ReViver Plan. This custom plan offers you the flexibility to decide the exact amount you want to sponsor. Tailor-made for your capacity and goals, it's perfect for those looking to make a substantial and personalized impact.

Make a Real Difference
The Impact of Your Sponsorship

Social Impact

Help democratize sustainability by allowing financially disadvantaged individuals to access a sustainable lifestyle, ensuring that sustainability isn't a privilege but a choice available to all.


By enabling COVERs to have an uninterrupted journey, you're contributing to environmental conservation and sustainable practices, fostering a community passionate about environmental change and social inclusion.

Environmental Benefits

Each sponsored move not only helps an individual but also contributes to significant reductions in waste, water usage, CO2 emissions, and aiding reforestation efforts.

Visible Results
Track and Share Your Contribution

Real-Time Impact Tracking

Monitor the environmental impact of your sponsorship through our app's real-time data, observing reductions in waste, water use, CO2 emissions, and the number of trees saved.

Valuable Data for Reporting

Utilize real-time environmental impact data from our app in your CSR, ESG, or SDG reports, showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

Visibility and Recognition

Your brand will be acknowledged within our app and community, highlighting your environmental efforts and contributions as a supporter of inclusive sustainability.

Community Building

As a driving force in keeping the global gift wrapping journey alive, you can witness the community growing and see the fruits of your contribution in shaping a sustainable future.