Online orders are skyrocketing. In the second quarter of 2020, digital sales ballooned 71 percent and 55 percent in the third, creating a wave of packages and packaging that is ultimately destined for the landfill. But it is getting worse!

More than 3 billion trees are being cut down each year to produce 241 million tonnes of cardboard packaging for e‑commerce.

Since our business model is based on online orders, we feel responsible for ensuring that our products arrive at your doorstep in the most sustainable way possible. Since even recycled cardboard boxes aren't sustainable – because they contribute to single‑use trash – we are producing our own shipping bags.


Like all our products, the bags are made with recycled materials (rPET) designed to last a lifetime and equipped with an NFC tag. This way, you can track them on their journey around the world using the app and see how much trash and CO2 they have prevented, how many trees they have saved, and how many people they have connected.

Download on the Apple App Store Get it on Google Play

Download on the Apple App StoreGet it on Google Play




Get one and help us reduce waste.

Place your items in THE BAG. If you’re using an address slip, slide it into the pocket at the red marker. In case you’re using a shipping label, stick it on THE BAG while placing it over the flap.



Tap the tag on the BAG with your cell phone and follow the instruct­ions to check in. If you have not yet downloaded the app or are not logged in, you will be redirected automatically.

If you can't use NFC technology, you won't be left out. Just download our app and sign up. Click on the NFC icon ( NFC icon with outline black ) at the bottom and then type in the product ID and your 4‑digit check‑in code.



Assign THE BAG to the account that will be receiving the parcel before sending it off.

To do so, you will need to tap the tag on THE BAG again (or visit the app directly, click on the NFC icon ( NFC icon with outline black ) at the bottom, and follow the check‑out instructions).

After receiving it, your loved one can check in the BAG (by tapping the tag or by visiting the app directly) using the check‑in code that we will send after your check-out.



In your profile, you can see how many bags you have initiated or forwarded, how much waste and CO2 they have reduced, and how many trees they have saved.

You can also follow them on their journey through the world and see how many people they have reached (COVERAGE).



And change the world in a very convenient way, one parcel at a time!

Please note

If you’re buying a product in our online store they will be sent out in our shipping bags.

In case you decide to return your order, please reuse THE BAG for this purpose.

If you receive a bag from someone else but don't have anything to send away yourself, please check if your friends or neighbors need to send something off and keep it moving.

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