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A Japanese woman holing a beutifully wrapped gift in a traditional furoshiki fabric gift wrap

The ultimate guide to Furoshiki The Ancient Art of Fabric Gift Wrapping

The Japanese have been packing personal belongings with furoshiki (fabric wraps) since ancient times. In this blog post, you will find out everything there is to know about furoshiki.

A beautiful gift wrapped in a green bojagi fabric

The Ultimate Guide to Bojagi
The Korean Art of Fabric Gift Wrapping

What is known as "furoshiki" in Japan is called bojagi in Korea. Want to know all the details about Korean fabric gift wrappings? Find them here.

Envelope wrapped in a fukusa fabric

The Ultimate Guide to Fukusa
The Bigger but Smaller Sibling of the Furoshiki

Fukusa are similar to furoshiki, although the latter are typically larger and used in less formal, everyday life situations, while fukusa are used in more formal ceremonies. Want to know more?

A traditional Turkish fabric gift wrap used for weddings

The Ultimate Guide to Bohça
Emotions Wrapped in Fabric

Like the Japanese furoshiki and Korean bojagi, Turkish bohça are square cloths of fabric that are used to wrap various goods and gifts. We've provided all the details for you.

                beautiful close-up of a cotton plant on a light blue fabric

The Eco-Conscious Choice: Why Our COVERs Use Recycled Cotton

With so many fabrics on the market, including organic ones, you might ask why we chose recycled materials. We will explain our reasons in this blog post.

Top-down view of the Simple Elegance reusable fabric gift wrap by COVER, displaying a vivid contrast of Jet Set Black and Jet Stream White sides, cinched with a distinct bold red hem in a floral wrapping style, placed atop a red and white patterned concrete block.


The signature hem of COVER, also crafted from recycled cotton, is rich with significance. Discover the story behind COVER's signature red hem—a vibrant blend of passion, purpose, and celebration. Dive into the emotions and meanings of this bold choice, and learn how love, alertness, and luxury intertwine in every stitch.

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Coming soon!