The Hydrangea

Although this wrapping style might appear daunting, knowing how to tie a bow is all you need to accomplish this remarkable look in mere seconds! Thin fabric is ideal for this technique.

Gift wrapped in reusable fabric gift wrap, using the Hydrangea wrapping technique

How to fold the Hydrangea

How to Fold the Hydrangea - Step 1

The diagonal length of the cloth should be approximately five times the length of the item you're wrapping.

However, this depends heavily on the height of the item. For taller items, a larger cloth is needed to effectively utilize this wrapping technique.

How to Fold the Hydrangea - Step 2

Spread the cloth out in front of you, placing the side of the fabric you want to show later face down.

Arrange the gift in the center of the cloth's diagonal axis.

How to Fold the Hydrangea - Step 3

Take two opposing corners of the cloth and tie a bow, leaving a long bit of the wrapping material to spare.

How to Fold the Hydrangea - Step 4

Take the remaining corners and tie a second bow, again leaving a portion of the wrapping material free.

How to Fold the Hydrangea - Step 5

Fluff up the loops of the bows. Use chopsticks to push into various points of the knot, creating a beautifully-bloomed hydrangea effect.